Sunday, 28 June 2015

In Her Majesty's Name Steampunk Nautilus

Captain Nemo comes ashore from the Nautilus after a long and demanding voyage of discovery

The Nautilus is from Ironclad Miniatures, the three pounder deck gun from The Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company, Captain Nemo from Westwind Productions and the pier and jolly boat from Ral Partha.

The Nautilus is in desperate need of a dry-dock refit and a lick o'paint.

Steampunk Armoured Assault Tea Pot

Meridian make a range of Prussian and British steampunk miniatures, their Steam & Aether range.

This is an upcoming model: the armoured assault teapot.

And believe it or not they intend this to be a PRUSSIAN model.


It's British, don't you know. How could an armoured teapot be anything other than British?

I need to lie down - and drink a nice soothing cup of Earl Grey.

Prussian, forsooth.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Bolt Action Poles

I gave my friend Shaun a Bolt Action Polish set for Xmas. I had intended to paint them all but only got the vehicles done. He has added support weapons and cavalry and painted them up to make a nifty force. Expect to see them tackling my Soviets some time soon.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Space Rats

I painted a few of these Mantic Space rats and then gave up. My friend Shaun painted the rest.

These will make a nice Antares Army.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Kent Orchids, Green Winged Orchid

The low-resource Kent chalk downs are perfect for orchids provided they are not mowed regularly. This is one was labelled the green-winged orchid, Anacamptis morio, which is found all over Eurasia. I am pretty certain it's not an orchid but...I was a Zoologist.

IHMN VBCW Steam Tractor

Paid a visit to Hertfordshire the other day and came across this wonderful steam tractor outside the Fighting Cocks Pub

Just the thing for your Very British Civil War or IHMN Army to pull their artillery pieces around.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Review Warlord AMD-35, Bolt Action, VBCW

The AMD-35, also called a Panhard 178, was a highly advanced French 4X4 armoured car designed as a long range reconnaissance vehicle for the mechanised cavalry. It had a decent armament of a 25mm anti-tank gun and a coaxial MG. It also had a properly sized two-man turret with a top hatch.

This is another of Warlord Games new kits. It consists of a resin one-piece hull and one-piece turret. To these you only have to add the following: two metal axles, four wheels, a gun, a back under-plate and a top hatch which may be fixed in the open position.

Detailing is superb and crisp. Look at the rivets, for example.  Flash is pretty well nonexistant. Everything fits and locations are unambiguous. The painted kit easily takes a wash. I used Army Painter Dark Tone with a light anti-shine spray on top.

The decals are also from Warlord.

This is a photo of a real one.

The Germans took over a number of vehicles for anti-partisan use.

As a reconnaissance vehicle it was probably more useful in the turretless version, as in the British use of the Stuart light tank.

My complete collection of French AFVs from Warlord's Bolt Action range.

Highly recommended kit.