Monday, 22 May 2017

Kit-Bashed Genestealer Cult Vehicles

My Goliath Rockgrinder equipped with various bits from my junk-box alongside a cultist.

The Rockgrinding bit.

Showing the heavy stubber and burner.

A really series big Goliath truck.

Carrying cultists into combat.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Warlord Games Dr Who Minis - Size and Scale Comparison

The photo shows Daleks from three manufacturers: In the middle is a Dalek from Warlord Games - Exterminate, on the left an old-series Heroclix Dalex, and on the right a new-series Dalek given away free in Doctor Who weekly.

They are pretty much the same size. In fact most of the Heroclix and Dr Who Weekly Dr Who minis do not look out of place against Warlord's.

So what scale are the Warlord minis?

This photo gives some idea of scale, as opposed to size.

Depicted are Cyberman, Tenth Doctor and Dalek Warlord figures alongside a 1:48 Airfix kit of Modern British Infantryfrom their Operation Herrick range.

Well, well, well......the Warlord Minis are 1:48!

There is a lot of 1:48 stuff out there.

British Army Models painted by Shaun Murphy.

Disclaimer: I wrote the as yet unpublished 'full-fat' Into The Time Vortex Doctor Who Wargame Rules for Warlord Games.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Sea Lion Book Signing, Rochester Games and Models

Saturday, 20th May is Operation Sea Lion launch day. Warlord Games are running a special event in Nottingham: see their Web page for more details.

Meanwhile, for those of us who live 'south of the River' Rochester Games, Models and Railways are themselves holding a Sea Lion Book Signing, with me signing the books.

Tori has done a deal with Warlord Games so they will be offering a free Churchill model with each book sold.

I will be there from around 11.30 on Saturday morning. So do come to get your book signed or just to have a chat.

See you there, people.....

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Cheap 40K Industrial Plant/Scenary

I happened to be in Sainsburies this morning when I came across these two beauties on special offer for £3.75 each.

They are suitable for three year olds so great for wargamers.

If you look carefully at the top truck, you can just see a genestealer cultist standing on the bonnet.

I see these as either just scenary or treated up with a bit o'plasticard as improvised armoured fighting vehicles.

Shadow War - Genestealer Cultists on the Cheap

I picked up some half used sprues from the Kill Team Boxed game on eBay for a modest price, from which I extracted fifteen neophyte gangers.

I decided to use orange as the base colour partly because I haven't any orange troops and partly because these are supposed to be civilian miners and orange, to me, suggests heavy industrial plant. I used purple as the contrasting tie-together colour. The bases are Tamiya Pavement dark-grey textured paint. I also liberally applied dark brown wash to dirt everything up.

The models break down into a five man command team with autoguns, the leader equipped with a power mining pick and an autopistol, .....

and two fire teams with a mining laser, grenade launcher and autoguns.

3D Printable Figures

An artist called Miguel Zavala has put up the templates for 300 D&D figures for 3D printing on Shipways. They are free to download and created from D&D manuals.

I've no idea of the cost /quality comparison with cast minis at present but I do know technology always gets cheaper from its initial launch.

Suspect this is a straw in the wind.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

40K Space Marine Colours

I came across this in a Bell of Lost Souls article.  The graphic blows up to show much more detail, listing all the 'known' Space Marine chapters and their uniform colours.

I have a couple of squads to paint up and wanted to try something different..... I have a great Vj purple, so, I think I'll make Hawk Lords.