Thursday, 30 October 2014

Bolt Action: Panzer Parade

These are all Warlord Games 28 mm resin and metal models.

From left to right, back to front:

  • Wespe SPG
  • Panzer IV Special with spaced armour
  • Hetzer SPATG
  • Panzer III Special

They are all in mid to late war camo: the Hetzer is in the late war 'ambush' camo which has lots of contrasting coloured dots.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Tower Poppies

My daughter took this photo recently at The Tower of London.

I think it speaks for itself.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Bolt Action: Wespe SPG

The Wespe SPG consisted of a 105mm  howitzer on a Panzer II chassis that could provide artillery support for mobile divisions.

The resin & metal model is from Warlord Games and the kit includes the metal artillerymen. A nice touch is that one of then has a bandage under his helmet.

This is a great kit and I highly recommend it. Just the thing for shelling the pesky Red Army.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Bolt Action: Late War German Armour

Every so often, I put my soldiers on parade on the lounge dining table.

Today it was the turn of my Late WWII German armour in 1/48-50 scale.

From left to right we have:

  1. a quad 20mm flak gun on a half-tracked tractor and a Marder III SP anti-tank gun
  2. two Tiger Is heavy tanks, late model and a STUG III with skirts
  3. three Panther medium-heavy tanks, and
  4. a PUMA armoured car and a Kubelwagon.
Add in some Panzergrenadiers and you have a really hairy force - the GroƟdeutschland at Kursk, perhaps.

The camo is standard German 'dark yellow' from Tamiya. Green and terracotta patterns were added in the field by the vehicle crews. The paint was issued as a paste, diluted with water, petrol or some such and then slapped on with whatever came to hand - maybe a floor brush. So the camo shouldn't look too regular or neat.

Models by Corgi (ready painted die-cast), Tamiya and Italieri.

The crews of the Marder and Kubelwagon are Warlord Games 28 mm.

I feel a Tank War coming on. :)

Bolt Action: Charlemagne SS

Finished my first squad for my Defenders of Berlin army, a section of Charlemagne SS.

These are metal 28 mm figures from Warlord Games.

I wanted them to look dark and combat soiled. The Charlemagne SS had been in combat for days at this point and 1945 Berlin was not the sought of place to get a wash and brush up to the old uniform.

The basing is meant to represent urban rubble.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Bolt Action: VBCW: Warlord Games Heavy Soviet Armoured Scout Car

Soviet six-wheeled BA3/6 armoured cars were developed in the interwar years to fulfil the role of a heavy recon vehicle. Many nations went down this road at the time as armoured cars were considerably cheaper to manufacture than tracked vehicles.

Armoured cars were useful in Western Europe where there were massive road networks but they had poor cross country performance and so struggled in the east. Eventually the BAs were replaced by T60/70 tanks in the heavy scout car role.

BA armoured cars fought in the Spanish Civil War, Khalkhyn Gol, The Winter war and Barbarossa. Thousands were made.

The Germans even used a Spanish-made copy on the Eastern Front Spanish, which is a nice unusual modelling subject.

The cars were heavily armed with the same turret and armament as the T26 and BT tanks but had paper thin armour.

This resin and metal model is made by Warlord Games and I heartily recommend it. I left off the side steps because they are just where you inevitably grip the model and keep falling off. The real cars seem to have had the same problem, going by the photographic evidence.