Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Germany Strikes Models by Andy Singleton

Professional painter Andy Singleton will be at Rochester models tomorrow evening, Wednesday 22nd July, to show off some of his work.

You can contact Andy here.
See you there.

More of Andy's work.

First Review - German Strikes

The first review of my new book is up.

It's a video review by Tabletopbattle.

They describe it as 'Excellent': coughs in an unconvincing attempt to show modesty.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Rochester Models, Germany Strikes, Book Signing Wednesday

My new Bolt Action Wargaming Campaign book, Germany Strikes, is now available. It covers the Blitzkrieg era: Poland, Denmark, Norway, Low Countries, and France.

I will be doing a book signing at the Rochester Models Bolt Action club Wednesday 22nd in the evening from about 6pm onwards. There will a display of models and the club will be playing a few games.

Andy Singleton, the professional model painter, whose art has graced the Warlord Games website will also be present to talk about his work.

Rochester Games Models & Railways
21 Corporation Street

Tel: +44 1634 815699
Email: rochester-games-models@gmx.co.uk

See you there: John Lambshead

Review, Wargames Factory Samurai

Wargames Factory plastic 28 mm models fit into the cheap and cheerful category. No they're not the best sculpted or manufactured models in the world but they're not bad and great value for money.

I bought a box of these, they retail at about £18 for 25 models, to use in fantasy games and also to try out the new Japanese skirmish games that have come on the market - Ronin and Daisho.

The models are the usual multi (almost)fit: I found it useful to sometimes cut the hands to rotate them.

The results are not bad.

If I start playing one of these games seriously I will probably buy a few metal premium models but these will do as a starter and will eventually gravitate to a KoW Army.

WF produce mounted cavalry and Ashigura with guns/bows and spears so £40 will buy an army.

Recommended (with caveats).

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

New Light Tank for the British Army

This is the new British Army Scout SV light tank equipped with a purpose-designed 40mm Anglo-French gun.

Note light is a relative term. It weighs in at 38-42 tonnes. A Sherman tank weighed 30 tonnes so in WWII terms it should be classed as a medium. A Challenger II is 63 tonnes but I suspect the MBT is about to go the way of the battleship.

Monday, 13 July 2015

My Antares Boromite Army

The Boromites are a bioengineered para-human group of clans who are involved in mining and heavy industry. This is a security detail. In the centre is the three man HQ unit armed with high-tech military plasma weapons.

On the right a squad of young gangers with sophisticated rail guns - low tech civilian weapons. Note the more yellow brighter skin of the younger Boromite. The guns are made from metallised ceramics.

Foregrounds a lavamite pack. these are bioengineered rock boring life forms used as biodrones for mining. They are driven to attack by a Boromite with an electrowhip.

A rock excavator: this is not a weapon but a sort of rock boring transmat. The blob on the right is an observation drone.

However when raised to the horizontal it can make a nasty mess of structures, or anything in the way.

A Boromite mining work gang. The machines in their hands are not weapons but rock crushers.

However, they will crush most anything they are pointed at - walls, armour, people..

I chose an orange colour scheme because these are mining workers, not soldiers, but any military equipment is in metallised hues.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Interview with the Creative Director at GW

Interesting interview with the Creative Director at Games Workshop here about the design philosophy behind Age of Sigmar.