Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Bastion and Aegis Defense Line Sprues

I was called to the door today to receive a box of shiny toys from a member of the Postal Service clad in orange day-glo jacket and shorts. Englishmen should not wear shorts, unless they are the colonial sort that drop below the knee.

I forgive him his sartorial mistakes because he had a box of shiny new toys from Games Workshop, Planet Strike has arrived.

I enclose pics of the Bastion and Aegis Defense Line sprues. Note the automated guns: a Lacannon with the bastion and a quod autocannon for the Line. it strikes me that the latter would make a fine AA AFV.


  1. I can tell you that quad auto cannon will be making a fine Hydra conversion when we get the sets released in the states on the 4th (side note what the hell was GW thinking releasing on a major US holiday in which most people will be with family) anyways cant wait to see that skyshield assembled, I have a bastion on order myself.


    BH Senior Editor

  2. Thanks for posting these pics, looks like we'll be seeing even more quality terrain on the table in the coming months.

  3. Boy that's going to be a lot of Aquila to scrape off. But that's why we have the cultists!