Sunday, 18 April 2010

Moon Nazis in Space

You may be unaware that the Nazis had a secret base in the German Antarctic region of New Swabia. Mad Adolph and Martin Bormann fled here in top secret flying saucers after the fall of Berlin. This was only discovered when Nazi saucers started reconnaissance flights over the USA . The Nazi saucer intercepted and shot down at Roswell in '47 gave the game away. The new Swabia base was discovered in 1955 by the American Operation Deepfreeze and Soviet Somov expeditions.

The Nazis fled to a prepared base on the dark side of the moon. Most of the ridiculous overproduction of weapons up to and including reagan's Star Wars had more to do with defending the Earth than the Cold War. The American moon landings were of course faked to reassure the public.

Now they are returning - to conquer the Earth!

Mysterious Foo Fighters were spotted by allied aircraft at night in '44. Miniatures from my collection, souced from Majic Miniatures:
After the war, plans were found by Operation Paperclip agents in German design bureaus of saucer shaped aircraft that apparently operated 'on a new principle'.

Early prototypes to test saucer aerodynamics and circular landing ramps were also discovered.

A Nazi saucer checks out a U-Boat aproaching New Swabia. (Artwork by Jim Nichols - used without permission)

Well it's worth a try.