Monday, 18 November 2013

Bolt Action R35 Tank

 Finished my R35 Bolt Action tank. This was a pretty good light tank in 1940 with decent armour and a useful light gun. Its main problem was that it was very slow.

The Bolt Action kit is mostly resin with a few metal bits. It is a recent product and fits together well with very little cleaning up. It does come with a crewman hanging out the back of the rear turret hatch - many French taks had no commanders' top hatch, believe it or not. I decided not to fit this as only the insane would travel like that in the combat zone.


  1. I have the R39 or R40 on order, just waiting for my stuff to ship....Warlord's site issues caused a problem there. Nice work!

    What colors did you use for the camo?

    1. They were down for much longer than predicted. Issues!

    2. Yea, I got the full inside story, really sucks as I don't know what is up with my order or how long it will take to fix and if everything will be in stock now...*grumble* Of late things are popping out of stock quickly...

    3. Meant to say. The paints are Revell acrylic. Their sand, olive green and terracotta (red-brown).

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