Saturday, 21 December 2013

Happy Winter Solstice

Summer Is Coming

The winter solstice passed just after 1700 GMT this afternoon.

I hope everyone had a great day despite the Atlantic storm, and the driving rain etc.


  1. I thought it was getting hotter down here - 38 degrees C today!

    1. I recall we almost hit 34 once on one afternoon on the North Kent coast. Hottest ever recorded in the UK. Thought I'd die.

  2. Ha, ha what a great sentiment, thanks. Happy solstice to you!

  3. I must admit I feel more in tune with the idea of celebrating a pagan ritual like the solstice, rather than the commercialised event Christmas now is... the religious angle is lost on me, being a 'heathen' ! ;-) But as Paul said, its rather pleasant down here at this time of year ;-)

  4. Excess and gift giving is the original true meaning of Xmas. Christianity nicked it.