Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Oh Come On, Guys!

Had a quick look around the GW site to see if there was anything new I fancied; there wasn't. But I did come across some book preorders.

Look I don't want to be one of those people who whinge endlessly about prices. I will pay premium for quality but to offer novellas for £20 a pop is just cynical profiteering.

A novella may have as little as 15000 words although 20 to 25 would be more common. The average modern SF novel has around 140,000 - to put it into perspective.

And no, I'm not going to spend £50 on a new rulebook two years after you flogged me the last one. Especially as only 5% or so will be new ( no I don't count yet another photo of an ork as new).


  1. Hey, there! What are you some sort of commie? They're maximizing their return on investment and increasing their shareholder value. That's the only thing that counts!

    (Unsustainable business model? Wot?)

  2. Ouch! That just seems a little short sighted of GW to me.

  3. …and the final nail hits the coffin. I'm going back to 5th edition – no more GW purchases from me I think.

  4. GW..who are they? They have become totally irrelevant to me (and have been so for years) and for many gamers now. Too much other cool stuff to game with.

    1. They're still very relevant to me. Every time I see an overpriced or overdone model from the new ranges I go paint more of my lead pile and happily play older versions of their rules :-)