Friday, 6 June 2014

IHMN: Gypsy Caravan

Cold, soft, dusting skies,
Sweep away the gentle night.
Rich violet brings promises of the dawn-
Glittering stars grow quiet-then are gone.

The lulling whisper of the sand
Silences itself, once again.
Lays dormant and muted at your feet,
Voices submitting to enveloping sleep.

Soon the sun will scream it's rise,
And blaze relentless across empty skies,
Beat down upon empty land;
Beat down upon empty man.

And I'll wait patient-I'll wait for dark ,
Wait for the noise of day to depart-
And in its wake the cocooning reprieve,
Of the endless, satin star-lit sea.

Model by Sarissa, painting by me, poem by CS Ladon.


  1. That sure is pretty... I had better get on with the Gypsy Company for IHMN Gothic, hadn't I?

  2. This was a wonderful kit, love what you've done with yours.

  3. Very nice, I might get one of them just to display. Cheers, Paul :-)

    1. It's amazing what can be done with lasercut wood.

  4. Lovely job I may have to get me a couple. I quite like the idea of a Gypsy Werewolf type faction travelling about.

    1. They do more than one design, I think.