Tuesday, 8 July 2014

IHMN: Royal Navy River Gunboat

I recently obtained a copy of the latest IHMN Eastern Supplement and was taken with the Royal Navy Landing Party better known as The Navy Lark for those of us who remember when 'The Wireless' had nothing to do with computers.

This wonderful river gunboat was constructed for me by my friend and long suffering opponent, Shaun of the Undead. It is the sort of vessel that might have plied the Upper Nile or the Yangtze.

1st Lt. Jack Halibut is just topping up his alcohol level before leading the lads ashore. He has acquired a red coat from some unfortunate Pongo in a game of Chase The Lady (using real ladies).

The boat has enough room for a selection of Jolly Decent Chaps and Jack Tars and has a Nordenfelt manual machine gun mounted on the stern upper deck. Just the job for intimidating the French.


  1. Smashing gunboat John - the lads will be pleased I am sure! Did an Armoured Naval Landing Party company for IHMN myself a little while back. They are on my VSF blog if you are interested:

    In the meantime, I'm looking forward to getting the new supplement myself!

    1. Yes, I found your great blog a while back, Paul. Love your RN stuff.