Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Star Wars - X Wing

I managed to turn up late for the club the other day and took over a pair of Rebel Starfighters, an X& Y Wing. They were in a rather awkward configuration so I decided to sort myself out into a fighting element. Until I find out better I intend to treat X Wing as an air combat game.

A pair of Imperial Starfighters turned in on me.

Always turn into the attack and always use both planes in an element to  support each other.

I was disappointed to do very little damage on the lead Imperial but  pulled out and away to give myself space to set up another attack.

The Imperial Flight Leader turned in for another attack on my X Wing.

The X Wing fired Photon Torpedoes and the Imperial blew up. The second Tie turned away from me.

My XWing followed him through the turn and pumped lasers into the Tie's unprotected rear: bang.

And that was it as far as my contribution to the scenario went.

This is the second game of Star Wars I have played. My thoughts on the game are as follows:

X Wing is an airgame based on Wings of War.

Fantasy Flight have added lots of Special Effect Cards to try to turn it into one of those collectible card game - type designs like Malifaux, where choosing killer units is much more important than the wargame element. Fortunately FF have failed and X Wing is still a manoeuvre game because the fighters mostly just fire forwards.

So all the usual airgame tactics apply:
Fight in element formations not individual planes
Manoeuvre into your opponents rear and stay there
Be patient and manoeuvre to set up a favourable attack
Follow through when committed to an attack
Get in, fire at the closest range possible, and get out to set up another attack


  1. Yeah, I agree with most of your conclusions. I just want to disagree with FFG trying to turn it into a collectible card game.

    Sure, great combos can be devastating, if you get them off. It's far more important to learn how to maneuvre and use your ships correctly.

    World Championship 2012 was won by a list with 8 basic Tie Fighters.

    World Championship 2013 was won by a list with 2 X-wings and 2 B-wings, against 8 ties.

    Gencon 2014 was won, I believe, by Han Solo in Millenium Falcon (with support) against, yes, 8 ties.

    So combos can be great, but you need to know how to fly first. And I think that's exactly what FFG intends.

  2. I've just got into X Wing and find it a fabulous game. I agree with Lief, it's about your 'flying ability'. I find it a bit like a dynamic chess game, with a bit of chance and prior thought. Love it. Neat post.

  3. Nice summation of X-Wing. I'm glad its still a game of manoeuvre as this is where all the fun is. Must get around to playing it some more :-)

    1. I recommend it. Start up cost is about £50 per person so although the bits are expensive the game isn't.

  4. This is SOOO on my list.

    As soon as payday rolls around, it looks like I'm diving in with two colleagues to get two starter sets between the three of us.

    Nice summation, John - thanks!

    1. I recommend it. Expensive but you don't need many ships to have fun.