Sunday, 30 November 2014

IHMN, Newt Rider of Venus

I wrote a couple of well received novellas in the 'Storming' series that are Wellesian fantasy space opera. The second was entitled Storming Venus and introduces the Venusian natives, the newts. You can read it free here. Go to the link and click on Chapter 3.

Following Mr Darwin's theory of planetary evolution, Venus is a young planet at roughly the same stage as Earth during the Age of Terrible Lizards.

Here, a newt rider flees through the swamps from where the sun threatens to break through the thick Venusian clouds.

A slightly less digitally mucked about with image.

And another.

That's not a real flower, incidentally, as true flowering plants have not yet evolved on Venus but one of Venus' carnivorous pseudoflowers.


  1. Nifty minis, John.

    The Stirling "Lords of Creation" duology has Venus as the young, dinosaur ridden planet and Mars as the "Old Race" Barsoomian planet.

    I liked the Venus book he did okay, but at heart, I am much more a Barsoomian Old Mars kind of guy.

  2. Lovely! The green is stunning.

    1. Thanks Dean. It is basically the GW bright green base paint.

  3. Great stuff very characterful looking!

  4. Very nice! For a long time I have wanted to do a British Lancer Regiment mounted on some sort of lizard or beast native to the colonial world.