Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Cavalier 2015

Spent an enjoyable day out on Sunday at Cavalier 2015 in Tonbridge.

The photo shows the bring and buy room. Bring and buy seems to e on the way back after a high minimum postage rate rise in the UK has killed the market in cheap second hand items on eBay.

The show seemed rather quiet this year with fewer traders and display games - and noticably fewer visiters - or is that just my subjective impression? You will notice the average age of the people in the show was on the senile side. I wonder if the change in strategy at GW to dump the kids has started to impact through the hobby.

This Bolt Action winter '44 display stood out. A German unit attempts to protect a V2 launch site from commando attack.

Continuing the winter theme, I like the look of this Spy Who Skied scenario.

And to the other extreme there was a wonderfully colourful Vietnam game on show.

I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

And finally, a bad day in Dry Gulch.


  1. Nice stuff, John. Was the Vietnam game a homebrew or a published system (BF's "Tour of Duty", etc.)?

    1. I don't know Fred. I was knocked out by the wonderful display.

  2. Nice pics, John. That 'Nam game is very cool. And who can resist a game with a V2 rocket!

    1. I loved the idea of that game. Great use of the Bolt Action system.