Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Kings of War - The Mighty Dwarves

Baron Simon the Stunty's Persons Of reduced Growth have been on a rampage lately across Mantica. Apparently someone nicked a keg of beer out of the High King's cellar or somesuch. For some reason they accused the undead kingdom of John of Skulls of being the perpetrator. I mean, beer! What would the undead do with beer?

Anyway the photo shows the view from the undead blocking position on old Roman road up which the vertically challenged ones were a rampaging.

This really nasty looking mechanical flying thing tried to outflank the undead position to the right so John sent in a regiment of Chariots and some ghouls.

Meanwhile in the centre John had a cunning plan, a plan so cunning that it might have been plotted by the Professor with a Personal Chair in cunning at Old Cunning University On The Wold. The cheapo skeleton unit out in front is carrying the Crystal Pendant of Blows Up In Your Face Sucker. The great thing about skeletons is that there's plenty more where they came from. Today's casualties are tomorrows recruits, if you see what I mean.

And the cunning plan worked a treat blowing a hole in the Dwarf line through which the Vampire Knights passed to make flank attacks.

Unfortunately it came a bit unstuck after that. the knight took some casualties and Baron Simon rolled some really good dice forcing them into wavering before they could finish stunty crushing. I lost the battle by one die roll. Still, it all went right down the wire to the last turn and could have gone either way. Great stuff.

Course the PORGS carried on a rampaging up the Roman road until they came to the Kingdom of Arcadia under the benign rule of King Iōannēs. He duly led out his host to do battle. Fortified by some really strong ale, which by chance he'd acquired from somewhere or other, the King charged the fire breathing flying metal thing which appeared on his left flank.

Emboldened by the King's example, the Companion Cavalry charged in as well - and even the Hun mercenaries found them selves swept along in the general excitement.

They pushed the flying thing back but it just wouldn't die and battle was joined all along the line. King Iōannēs phalanx and War Beasts from the East got stuck in. Unfortunately one of the phalanxes had been shot to pieces by the stunty firesticks on the way in. Boo hiss.

And this was pretty much the last turn. King Iōannēs finally succumbed to his wounds and one of the beasts died after they had blown a hole in the vertically challenged battle line. When we counted up the points Simon had won by seven to five.

Highly recommend Kings of War for fun games that can go either way right to the last turn. I felt I could easily have one either of these with just a little luck. A 1500 point game takes about 90 minutes.

Gotta get me some of them firesticks though. They are evil.

Thank you Simon for two great games.


  1. Great report for a great game.

    1. My pleasure - literally in this case.

  2. Replies
    1. Kings of War is pure fun and it's highly suitable for an evening's game.

  3. Thanks for a good review on Kings of War, this has been the first informative thing I have seen on it, other press stuff.

    1. A good fast mass battle game for fantasy.