Saturday, 7 May 2016

Early Author Copy

Guess what just dropped through my door courtesy of those wonderful people at Osprey Wargames.

Available from all good bookshops, wargame shops and Amazon.


  1. John is this set of rules about ship to ship actions OR is it about the warriors fighting once a ship is boarded? also the title implies it ancient Roman/Greek does it translate into other settings and periods?

    The Title and the cover point at something very definite. I would appreciate knowing a little more.
    Cheers mate.

    1. Dear Clint, The game is for fleet battles. It uses a streamlined system to allow a player to handle a decent number of models. It covers all the important periods of the naval wars in the classical world. Greek, Roman, Hellenistic, Carthaginian, Syracusan,and so on. There are full fleet lists, scenario generators, a campaign. Would you like to see a copy?

    2. Thanks Mate. I can wait for it to be published before I start ANY new projects. Big fleet battles sounds more like Graham then me.

      Cheers for answering the questions though I do appreciate it.

    3. I do think Graham would like it. We used to play big fleet games in the old days.