Tuesday, 11 October 2016

If It's Autumn, It Must Be SELWG

A view over the main floor at Crystal Palace.

There were more displays and trade stands up on the mezzanine floor, but my overall subjective impression was that there were fewer stands and customers this year. Admittedly, two of the clubs had to cry off at the last moment due to illness and a van expiring on the magic roundabout but even so...

Very British Civil War continues to be popular.

If you look carefully, you can just see Mosley's Blackshirts charging across the town square to liberate the Town Hall on this superb battleboard.

John Treadaway, the new editor of Miniature Wargames.

John was running a  very nice large scale 'Tomb of the Cybermen' participation game.

Morpheus Games in a prime spot under the concrete.

Morpheus were showing their Thunderbirds game. I managed to blag a Captain Kirk model from their upcoming project!

Infinity Engines stand.

This is a new company - to me - with wonderful steam punk/ Cthulhu models. The thing on six red legs is a Zero-Point Power Generator so beloved of Nazi conspiracy theorists.

Close Up.

I couldn't resist buying the steampunk UXB.

May the Force be with you.

Fantasy Flight Star Wars games continue to be popular.

Hysterical Games trade stand.

A great display of British Commandos attacking a German controlled port.

Secret Weapon.

A battleboard is improved considerably by a nice central piece like this V2. Isn't that so much better as an objective than a coin?

Dr Who.

And finally, the Warlord Games site were advertising their upcoming Dr Who game. The first miniatures were on sale and had sold out by lunchtime. This will be big chaps.

[Blatant advert warning: I wrote the rules.]

And that wraps up the stuff that caught my eye - well everything but my spoils.

Da Loot

This year I was strictly disciplined and left after my cash ran out. The rumour that my wife confiscated my credit cards is quite untrue: I gave them up voluntarily.

See y'all at Salute.


  1. Must have missed you on the day. Hope you had a good time,

  2. Good to see you on Sunday, albeit briefly! It was sad to see empty tables and I hope this isn't repeated next year. I thought the show was quite busy early on but quietened down a lot after lunch.

    1. I only arrived at 1pm, Lee, so perhaps that explains it.
      Good to see the Gravesend wargamers.