Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Lamborrari 2000 Sci Fi Sports Car

Wandering around Rochester Models, I was drawn to the Wargames Terrain Workshop stand with lots of resin goodies at very reasonable prices. I have bought some of their pieces before on impulse and liked them.

They had this 28mm compatible aircar on the stand, sold in five pieces for £5.

Putting the model together was a doddle but the resin is very smooth and, despite washing it well, I had trouble getting the surface degreased.

Eventually, I left it to soak overnight in a bath of concentrated detergent.

Even so, I had to undercoat with Wilko commercial primer, followed up by a base coat of two thin layers of a Red Enamel spray paint.

The top coat consisted of two layers of Mr Colour Metallic Red. This paint is more pinky purple than bright red but it covers exceptionally well compared to other companies metallics so it is great for greasy resin.

The windows were painted in a layer of Vallejo Copper, MIG Gold Flecks, and a thin cover of Vallejo Air Orange Rust.

The hull is scored, nicely delineating windows and body panels which I picked out with black wash.

Lenses are Citadel candy colours on top of Vallejo silver.

This may not be the most sophisticated resin vehicle I have ever painted but it is the most sophisticated £5 resin model: and I am well pleased with the result.



  1. WTW make some nice stuff. I have thought about getting this car myself.

  2. Have you tried windscreen wash as a degreaser? It has detergent and alcohol in it. Failing that a degreaser for cleaning car engines would do the trick, but I just use windscreen wash, because it's what I have to hand.

    1. What an excellent idea. Windscreen wash is chemically similar to acrylic paint thinner so should work a treat. Thank you!

  3. Looks great! I hate resin as a material for this very reason. I like Ashley's idea of screen wash will have to remember that as I do have a number of resin figures lingering in the pile.

    I have seen some very nice and inexpensive 3d printed terrain from
    Iron Gate Scenery


    1. Yeah it's a good to from Ashley. Well look up that retailer, thanks.