Thursday, 23 July 2020

Creations of Fabius Bile: Slaaneshi Cult

Cult Of The Iridescent Wings

The final unit to add to my 'Creations of Fabius Bile' Warband is a Slaaneshi Cult of The Iridescent Wings - a group of radical avant garde artists who have gone just a leetle too far in their love of bright new abstract art to sweep away the fuddy-duddy Imperial Realism style.

I play these just as ordinary cultists from the Chaos Marine Codex.

Yes, they look the part of elite troops, being fabulously wealthy from selling their art to decadent aristos and so able to afford the finest black market weapons BUT they are artists, for Emperor's sake, not Imperial Guard or even a Hive Gang.

Cult Leader

The Supreme Creative, as the Cult Leader is grandly named carries an electrified staff of authority (brutal combat weapon) and an autopistol.

Long Weapon

Any model armed with a long barrelled weapon is deemed to be armed with an autogun.

Note the iridescent sheen on his greatcoat.


Models with pistol(s) are deemed to have an autopistol and brutal assault weapon.


The hand-flamer is treated as a 'flamer' for the purposes of game play.

It spews out iridescent purple flames in honour of Slannesh.


  1. Great use of the Necromunda models as your cultists John

  2. Excellent painting again, those colours work so well.

  3. Like.

    Or, as their slanneshi cultists. 'lick'. Nah. too out there, just 'like'. And not in that way....