Sunday, 15 November 2020

Maggotkin of Nurgle Flying Corps


Lord of Afflictions & Pusgoyle Blightlord

As every phule kno, air support is vital to any army's success and the Maggotkin are no exception. Indeed, Nurgle forces are so slow that air cavalry is a highly useful asset. An eight inch move does not exactly make these fast movers but given that most Maggotkin move at five or even 4 inches....

I bought these model a couple of years ago but they were only finished as part of my lockdown clearup.


  1. Great work John, even though you've used brighter colours they look truly putrid

    1. I like flash models....dodgy colour vision....PS you want to see my taste in shirts

  2. According to my Grandaughter they are `mingin'! So you've done your job well.