Saturday, 2 January 2010

Adeptus Arbites Constables

"They live there in that great plascrete tower surrounded by walls and razor wire, only emerging to seize some unfortunate who has transgressed against the Imperial Laws or to patrol the city to prove that it belongs to them. There are crystal lenses and sound wave detectors on that tower that can watch citizens and listen to their conversations 100 leagues away, Imperial spy satellites watch what they can't see directly and even the Governor fears them. They aren't from here and have nothing to do with us, no more than Orks or Eldar, if they have families or children we don't know about them and we don't care. They wouldn't so much as buy a glowbulb from us and we would not sell it to them. It's ironic that they have the rather benevolent title of Arbitrators."
Vorkas Zolowski (just before his execution for sedition).

I have made a few Arbites Constables as a test and am quite pleased with them. I wanted to do a minimal conversion so I could make a number in a reasonable time. I used Citadel Cadians as a starting point as they look as if they might be wearing carapace armour and are inexpensive and easy to modify.

I made shotguns by cutting down the lasguns so I did not have to heavily resculpture the models' arms. I cut off the muzzle, sights, energy cell and stock to get a simple structure and drilled a new bore. The visored helmets were sourced from Pig Iron miniatures (see sidebar for address) and I put the models on resin stands that I bought from a nice lady on eBay - the order was slightly delayed when she went into labour.

The commander has a bolt pistol and power maul and one trooper has a grenade launcher. Green stuff was employed to make elbow and knee guards.

I have some Foundry riot shields which I have to copy in plastic: More later.

There is a good description of the Arbites here:

Picture by John Blanche


  1. Nice use of GS with those PI heads! I was wondering how to go about making an Adeptus Arbites.

  2. Dear Fox
    The shields are the next problem.

  3. Lovely conversions there. When I made shields for my Arbites I just used some plasticard, I'm sure it will be easy job for one of your skill!

  4. Ooh, ooh! I love those shotgun conversions!

  5. Looking good mate, are you going to scratch build the riot shields or use something from an alternative range?

  6. Dear Soviet & Col
    I am still thinking about the shields.

  7. Dear Mik
    It's a really simple conversion requiring minimal skill. Perfect for me.