Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Forge World have advertised a new model for their upcoming campaign book which will apparently feature Elysians. This very nice model costs £34 plus postage, which is good value for money so if you want a single display model or are a wargamer who is not on a budget then go ahead.

However, a squadron of three will cost somewhere in the region of £120 and that's a lot. So I asked myself if there are any alternatives.
My first stopping point for a resin 40K scale vehicle at a good price is Old Crow. Old Crow make good quality, extremely well finished resin and metal kits. They are simpler than Forge World, and a great deal easier to make, but are considerably cheaper.

Above is an Old Crow Goanna Scout and it costs the princely price of £7 so the total cost of a squadron plus P&P is about £25.

This is a slingshot AFV and it comes with a turret for £9

Old Crow models are modular so, for example, you can change the back wheels for tracks at no extra charge.

You can also buy a huge range of options from Old Crow. This is a Slingshot with missile launcher.

There are a large range of turrets, guns, stowage, hatches, drivers etc available. The turret above costs £4, for example.

A squadron of Old Crow 'Venators' would set you back about £45 t0 £50 all in.

Another alternative is the kitbash. You should be able to pick up one of these for a fiver.
or a tenner for the above.

Finally, the cheapest option of all. I picked up these 28ml (more or less) models for £2.99, or a quid each.


  1. Hi John
    Where did you find the quad bikes ? (Oh dear more Imperial guard rough riders per haps for the Harrikonen war Hawks this time, more carapace armoured Imperial guard drop troops)

  2. The Halo3 warthog is a good stand in for as little as $8.99 http://shop.gifts-and-toys.com/Halo-3-Series-1-Warthog-Vehicle/M/B000WNGZBS.htm

  3. You read my mind with the Old Crow models. I ended up placing an order for a couple Goanna Scouts the same day that FW sent out the preview of the Venator. From what I hear it takes Old Crow ages to send out the models (especially to us Yanks), but for ~$10 I'm willing to wait!

  4. Dear Shaun
    I got three more for you as they were the last two packs in the Wigmore Post Office.

  5. Dear Mordian
    Jez's partner at Old Crow was expecting a happy event. I am sure this wil not be assisting his productivity rates.

  6. Dear Anon
    Useful info, thank you.

  7. John.

    Little info on that Academy model.

    That serial number is a jeep from the TOW Platoon attached to the 1st Tracked Vehicle Battalion, stationed on Okinawa circa 1983.

    The serial number on the Tamiya model TOW jeep is 500519 and was my jeep back in the day. I was their when the company came and took pictures for the master to be made from.

  8. Wow, Alan, very interesting experience. I bet you've made a great memento using the kit.

    John, for those of us across the pond, what's the kit info (company and ID #) on the quad bikes?

  9. Dear Alan
    That is fascinating. I hope they gave you a copy of the model.

  10. Hi John
    further to anons. post the little man in Chatham (Maynes) where you get the Wings of War stuff was also carrying Halo stuff but not sure how much stock he's got Thanks for thinking of me re the bikes

  11. Dear Kevin
    They are cheap toys called Pull Back Power Quad Bikes - B&J Distribution package them in England.

  12. Yup. The Halo warthogs look great. I've made a couple.

  13. lolololololololololololol..........now that that is out of my system the new forge world kits look maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad aaaaaaaaassssssss maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan