Sunday, 20 March 2011

Amera Moulds - Quick Paint Job

I am fairly happy with how these have turned out. Terrain is always a balance between time (effort), weight, durability, and appearance.

I wanted these to be light and durable for storage and travel - and I did not want to expend too much time.

So the method was as follows.
1. Cut out.
2. Spray mid red-brown with Army Painter Spray.
3. Quick bursts of a darker brown spray at different angles on the flat surfaces.
4. Allow v. dilute dark brown wash to run down the gulleys.
5. White glue a litttle rubble into the cracks (various sizes) and flat areas to break up the smooth outline.
6. Paint rubble dark brown.
7. Dry brush model with yellow-brown ochre.
8. Spray on Vallejo matt varnish.
9. Job's a good'un.


  1. Very nice John, the rubble looks effective.

  2. Dear ray
    A little bit of rubble improves the look no end.

  3. Very ncie, and useful in all sorts of gaming periods and settings.

  4. Dear Man
    Yes, it's a good all purpose piece,

  5. great background on this, bro!

  6. Dear Lemmi
    Thanks. I do not set myself up as a particularly good painter or modeller but I have learnt some practical skills over the years.

  7. John, thanks for great review, can we share on our new facebook page to join other reviews, ideas and suggestions we are collating there?