Sunday, 22 May 2011

Wargames Factory Amazons

I bought a box of Amazons from Wargames Factory via Nanny0gg, a UK trader. These are the first miniatures I have bought from this company since their restructuring under Chinese management.

The value for money is good with 24 figures per box and many, many, accessories. You can build slingers, bowgirls, peltasts, hoplites or phalangites. It's almost worth buying the box for the bits.

The figures are tall, more heroic than 28mm, but slim. Hey, they are girlies not butch Vikings. The sculpting is OK, but only OK. The faces are rather Chinese-looking rather than Hellenistic - probably a coincidence.

I used Army Painter techniques with their Dark Tone varnish, because I wanted to do a quick job. I currently have no ancient armies but Hail Caeser has re-awoken my interest. Incidentally, I don't dip models in the varnish but paint it on, less messy and better results IMO.

Sorry about the photo. The varnish is still wet and it was overcast when I took the handheld pic so I had to use an open aperture.


  1. I hadn't realised WF were still in business; for some reason I thought the chinese owners had wound it up. More fool me, time to expand my storm trooper colletion, perhaps.

  2. Dear ZZ
    Yah, all their stuff is back on the market and available from a number of eBay traders.
    PS The heavy weapon stormtroopers are in the shipping process.