Saturday, 29 October 2011

A Day at the Games

My regular opponent, Shaun, and I tried out Gladiator. This is a first try, probably with a dodgy understanding of the rukles [health warning].

A real match would have taken at most 15 minutes to resolve but would have involved brief clashes, mostly resulting in light (or no) wounds with victory going to the gladiator least affected by exhaustion and blood loss. The duelists were seperated after each wound inflicted. This was a sport; it had rules.

In Gladiator, the combatants only have two wounds before incapacity so the end can be very quick, given that a trident can inflict three wounds. Shaun's net and trident men massacred my swordsmen in double quck time, or it would have been double-quick time if we were not learning the rules.

Interesting game. I definitely want to try it more. My gut feeling is that it is better with multiple fights rather than single duels. It does have a 'choose target' table as a bolt on but I don't think it will add much to a single duel.

This definitely lends itself to a 'campaign', which could be played in a single night.

The models here are Shaun's.


  1. Thanks John, keen to hear more on this one in due course.

  2. Hi John
    I apparently got the figures from a company called trident design as they did/do a range of 6 gladiators at 40mm in size and I probably bought them at Salute or possibly crystal palace back in 2004 or so hence my hazy memories