Saturday, 1 October 2011

Uncharted Seas - Spartan Games

Spartan Games' Uncharted Seas Fantasy ships are on special offer from Wayland as the game is to be relaunched. I could not resist buying a few. The ship hulls are one piece resin casting - and to a very high quality. Metal bits are used to customise and add weapons etc. This battleship is about 13cm long so the size is a good compromise between modelling and playability. This makes a great Plagueship.

Cruiser sized plague ships.

 A cannon-armed ironclad battleship.

 Ironclad cruisers and frigates.

Zombie Orcas raised from the dead by foul magics.

I am not so enamoured of the official rules which seem a bit finicky for fleet actions with record cards, critical hits, etc, so I will probably use my own rules. I am far too old and senile to pore over record cards when I fancy a game.


  1. Bad News I succumbed to Dreadfleet at the weekend love the play mat and ship models we'll see about the game system (might be too complicated)

  2. The game system does look iffy. As you say, nice components but questionable design.