Tuesday, 21 February 2012

28ml Russian Army - PDF anyone?

 Rifle Section

Plastic Soldier have a superb deal on their plastic 28ml WWII Russian Army at the moment. £35 buys 57 infantry, 4 HMGs, 4 AT Rifles, 2 light & 2 heavy mortars, and 2 guns. These pics are from my own collection.

They would make a great 40K IG army on a budget. 28ml is slightly smaller than GW scale but the nutrition in Hive worlds is dire. :)

The figs are mostly one or two piece and are in the cheap and cheerful category. But a quick paint job with a dark wash give a very acceptable finish with minimum effort or skill.

Tank Riders


Light support weapons

Heavy support weapons.


  1. I have been looking at these myself. I wanted them to face off against my buddies Germans.


  2. They are very good value and are durable and quick to assemble ands paint. On the downside, they are not the most sophisticated models I have seen. They are hard plastic.

  3. "not sophisticated" and "hard plastic" sound like gamer friendly to me.


  4. Dear Col
    true enough, you ca n store them i a shoebox.

  5. Hi John
    One army that springs to mind is the Vallhallans who always reminded me of east german border guards. They could be taken for their Planetary Defence Force very easily

  6. Dear Shaun
    Yes, good idea.

    PS the winter light has given the figures a red tinge that I couldn'y be bothered to rebalance.