Monday, 20 February 2012

Tardis, then and now

More from the Dr Who exhibition in London

It struck me that the 60s/70s tardis represented a 'futuristic' design. The message was that this is how things will look in the future, along with aluminium miniskirts and flying cars. It's a 1970s high fi deck with the very latest in computer monitors - circa Apple II.

The current Tardis console reflects a more sophisticated view. It does not look like a showcase for the latest modern consumer items. We know the future is unknowable so we create an art statement with mixed elements of retro, modern electronics and the 'way out'. The future, we seem to say, will be messy, just like the past and the present.


  1. Great stuff John, I have some pics from this too, mate and will dig through them to post - loved it... ;)

  2. Funny I saw it as 900-1100 years of running repairs with what ever he could find

  3. Dear Shaun
    Sounds like a sports car I used to own.