Saturday, 8 December 2012

Bolt Action: 6pdr

By Normandy, the British six pdr was the standard gun for infantry division anti-tank units. The Royal Artillery had shifted to the fearsome 17pdr. This gun was also the standard AT weapon for American infantry.

It had a similar performance to a German long-barreled 50mm gun, being a compromise between power and weight. The heavier anti-tank guns like the 17pdr or Pak 88mm were clumsy oversized weapons.

Bolt Action rules use a 3-man crew so I model the crew and weapon on one base for convenience.


  1. Great work! I model most of the crew on also, mortar teams was the one thing. I put two on the base for a light, then I can add the extra guy for a medium.

  2. Dear Styx, That is a good idea. John