Monday, 24 December 2012

Bolt Action Japanese Force

Finished my small skirmish army for the Imperial Japanese Army.

Consists of:
1. Commander with bannerman and radioman.
2. Three sections of infantry.
3. Light mortar.
4. Medium Machine Gun.
5. Light Field Gun
6. Medium Tank

The medium tank is really a light tank by anyone else's definition. The Chi Ha had trouble dealing with M3 Stuarts, let along Grants or Shermans.


  1. Dear John,
    Jeepers, getting a google profile may be easy for some people, but not me.
    The T-70 (at least under Zhukov) didn't have any problem with Japanese tanks in Mongolia.
    with a google account

  2. Dear Dave, Zhukov was a bastard all right, but a highly competent one. Successful generals don't have to be bastards, Slim was a gentleman, but many do seem to be.