Sunday, 7 April 2013


I am not sure whether it is me or the material but I find these finecast models difficult to paint. The result always looks messy somehow, like there is too much detail.

Or maybe I am just overpainting?

Any thoughts anyone?



  1. I think that on a sort of basic level, your 'style' is a bit 'painterly'. There are often, on close inspection, extra lines, shades, spots, detail, call it what you will. Which I found in abundance on the models which you base coloured and dipped/washed. So you are already getting a lot of shade and variation where someone else might have an area of single colour/shade. So on a model with more detail, your usual style is producing something much, er, busier ? Just a guess. No idea how you could test this without painting two identical models.

  2. Dear Stewart.
    I suspect you are right. I use multiple layers to 3d the model. I have found I am not the only one having problems. A professional painter was moaning about the same effect.