Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Salute '13: Traders

Here are a few photos of trade stands that caught my eye and that I could get a picture of through the crowds. First up is Gripping Beast who had a Great Hall on display for 200 modern pounds stirling, not sure what that is in groats.

The Perry twins had a stand for their historical models, one of the talented sculptors themselves in centre shot.

Mantic Games took the risk of having a pretty girl on their stand: there is always the possibility of frightening away wargaming customers. I have been picking up their Kings of war stuff recently and will be putting up a review.

Mike McVey was selling his new game for Sedition Wars, the Battle of Alabaster. I succumbed so expect a review in due course.

Micro Art Studio were demonstrated a new steampunk game

They also had a great display of their scenic bases. I have used these and they are fabulous.

Renedra are an interesting company. They are basically a British plasticsmanufacturer who have been sucked into wargaming. British wargame manufacturers have found it better to pay a little more and use a British supplier rather than a far east one because (i) the quality is better, and (ii) you have far more control of your supply chain. Your products aren't stuck on a container ship off Somalia when you need them.

Scheltrum Miniatures do a very natty line in Victorian SF. You may recall I posted a mole-machine pic earlier of a model I bought from them at SELWYG.

And finally, a great trade stand from Urban Construct showing their great 28 ml buildings.


  1. I am sure the pretty girl found the whole escapade most enlightening.

    You can see it in her face...The thousand yard stare.

    1. I would imagine she is keeping one eye on the emergency exit in case the loonies start gibbering.

    2. There were two of them there and they looked miserable and embarrassed all day, can't blame them

    3. Yah, it can't have been much fun. Hardly a glamorous event.