Tuesday, 15 October 2013

1930s: Improvised armoured car

I have had a go at making an improvised 1930s armoured car out of a Ledo Promotional Van diecast model for 28 mm gaming: you understand the word armoured is used here somewhat hesitantly.

Ledo vans are available for pennies at boot fairs and in charity shops etc.

It is sprayed with commercial grey undercoat and repainted. The LMG gunner peering out of the hole cut in the top is actually the top bit of a Warlord Japanese infantryman. I made the improvised sandbags from Milliput, pressing a pan scourer in to get the impression of coarse cloth.

The galvanised iron armour is from model railway plasticard.

I will probably paint suitably ideological slogans on the panels when I decide which side he's on.