Monday, 10 March 2014

GW: Astra Militarum And More Legalistic Waffle

Apparently it is true that the Imperial Guard are about to change their name so that the Games Workshop legal department can trademark their new name: Imperial Guard cannot be trademarked - see Space Marine fiasco.

GW's legal department is the tail that wags the dog. If you buy an ebook from GW you are subjected to all sorts of threats that somehow every other publisher in the world fails to feel the need for.

The irony is that all this legal sabre rattling has brought the company nothing but grief. Jim Baen once memorably remarked that no company or industry can survive if it sees its customers as a threat.

Oh well.


  1. Amazing! Will 40K players even be able to pronounce this?

    1. Damned if I can. I was chucked out of Latin class in year three on account of my complete lack of ability.

  2. What strikes me is that everyone claims that the new Tempestus Scions are Stormtroopers. What I am hoping for is that these are actually just a new faction, and that with the actual Astra Militarum release a few weeks after these guys they will release Kasrkins or Storm troopers as veterans, or something to that effect. Kasrkins is trademarked, is it not? I do not know of any other company that uses this name, and everyone I know in the wargaming world associates Kasrkin with Imperial Guard (I'm sorry, I mean 'Astra Militarum'). That's just my hope for the future.