Monday, 24 March 2014

VBCW: Bolt Action: Belgian Vickers MkIII Tankette

This is a Belgian T15 light tank based on the Vickers MkIII light tank but with a new turret. At four tons with a two man crew, a single MMG and 9mm of armour, the T15 was really a tankette. Tankettes were designed for scouting and infantry support. They turned out to be death traps and  and by 1940 most powers replaced them with with armoured cars and carriers.

The T15 was most used in conjunction with T13 tank destroyers (a T15 with a 47mm antitank gun).  It's most famous fight was the Belgian victory at Knesselare over a German infantry regiment. Only 42 were fielded.

This particular model is resin with some small metal components from Warlord Games 28mm Bolt Action range.

It's a very nice model and eminently suitable for VBCW and other interwar scenarios as well as Blitzkrieg scanarios. It's possible a few were still running in German hands in Normandy '44.


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    1. Very British Civil War, Phil. It's a hypothetical scenario asking what if the post WWI civil wars in Russia, Austo-Hungary, Germany, Spain and Irelandhad rippled as far as Britain. The scenario takes the form of a power grab by The Traitor King Edward with fascist supporters (like the Daily Mail). Hoorah for the Blackshirts.

    2. Thanks. Had that golden feeling of knowing what it stood for the moment you mentioned it :)

    3. Don't you just hate it when that happens. :)