Monday, 29 December 2014

Afghan War Over

Photo from the Daily Telegraph

Politicians lie, soldiers die, and generals get medals.


We are children of a lesser war
A petty skirmish, nothing more,
The bluebirds won’t sing over
The white cliffs of Dover
For us,
There’ll be no fuss
Just a footnote in our history
No Vera Lynn, no mystery
No Nazis in the countryside
Or turning back the evil tide
Just tattered gaps in people’s lives
Grieving wives
No fly-by at the Cenotaph
Sing songs where people laugh
Through the Blitz,
Defying Fritz
We envy them that cause
Not like our wars
No equals in Afghanistan
No tussles man to man
No Luftwaffe in Iraq
No Bletchley Park
Just car bombs and smell
A cut-price hell
No Winston, just windbags
We won’t see waving flags
Just body bags and sad parades
Until a sordid peace is made
Nothing solved
Nothing gained
James Milton - 

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  1. Soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen get medals too. The days of blaming Whitehall faceless generals has passed John. Just politicians to blame these days, the armed forces as a whole are stretched cos of cut price politics.

    1. Hmmm, and who gave the orders to send our troops into hell?

  2. Aah John, I agree with your sentiments and that of the author, but those orders were given by a Corporal or Sergeant, and those from a Lieutenant or Captain etc etc up to the Admiral/General. At any point our professional volunteer Armed Forces have the right to not carry out an order if it is deemed unlawful. We no longer have conscripts who have no choice other than to 'go over the top' or be shot by firing squad. It's a career, a job, a profession - sometimes dangerous, ugly, messy - but we CHOOSE to do it.

    1. I do take the point that there is a world of difference between professionals and conscripts in this context. I still hate to see money, and especially lives, expended so thoughtlessly. Maybe I am leeting my heart rule my head.

  3. I have to say I'm inclined to agree with Siph here, but politicking notwithstanding, at least we're 'out' now.

    "Mission accomplised," eh? - Pah!

    1. Yes our fourth Afghan war has ended, thank Christ.