Monday, 8 December 2014

In Praise of Second Hand Models

I picked up eight very old 28mm Macedonian Companion Cavalry from a second hand dealer for £6 including postage.

Are they great models? Um no.
Well painted? Well, they were painted.
Based? Yes, and quite decently.

But all it took was a bit of paint freshening, some new spears and a touch of diluted Army Painter Dark Tone and I have a perfectly acceptable unit for my Hellenistic armies after just a couple of hours work.

No they're not going to win any awards but they do the job for a minimal outlay of time and money.


  1. Dear John,
    How the dickens do you ship them without breaking the lances?

    1. You can't. New lances are usually required but a bit of copper tubing and paint solves that one. :)