Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Hell in the Pacific

The brave lad's of the US Marine Corps under the bold leadership of Simon E advance across the Pacific Island of Upper Gummtree under cover of a light tank.

A  Japanese light tank emerges from cover but is dispatched by a single shot that turns it into a blazing hulk.

More defenders are spotted lurking in the undergrowth.

Japanese defenders mass for a Banzai counterattack led by a tankette and some nutters with mines on the end of poles, which is what passes for anti-tank tactics in the Imperial Army.

Undaunted, the marines press onwards.

A seaplane from an offshore American cruiser skims the treetops and discovers the Japanese platoon.

It releases a hail of bombs and napalm. This poxy little float plane is carrying the bomb load of a B29 and the pilot is a dead shot.

Flamethrowers mounted on the tank and carried by the marines complete the  destruction of the Japanese counterattack.

The last remnants of the flank guard retreat back onto a hill for the last stand.

Which unfortunately doesn't take long in coming as the tank burns out the last survivors.

All except that chap on the hill. He ran off into the jungle until he was discovered in 1969 waiting for orders.

Simon E celebrates his victory with a handful of trophy dice from my army.

I celebrate my trophies: the positioning of my fingers is entirely accidental.


  1. John your supposed to hide in the jungle and wear them down with snipers etc granted not much of a game but I'm sure your Japanese would prefer it Shaun "if you knows of a better hole go to it" Murphy

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