Thursday, 31 March 2016

Living on the Frontline

Our first try at the Living on the Frontline rules.

Marxist Guerrilla roadblock 'somewhere in West Drayton'. You can just see a shot up Panda Car top left and look for the re-commissioned T55 bottom right. There has already been a bit of a battle here the previous month.

 The Marxist guerrillas are not exactly the world's finest shots.

But to everyone's surprise, not least their commander (I can vouch for that for I was he), they hit and penetrated a crypto-fascist USMC M60's frontal armour on the second shot.

This turned out to be because I had got a rather critical rule somewhat, uh, completely wrong.

Bring on the Broncos!


  1. Fun to play a game in a modernish English town.

  2. That takes me back to the 80s I had a wodge of Centurions, M60s and T34/85 and a lot of Airfix houses and churches etc ex their railway range plus loads of British modern Russians and American WWII

    1. I am building a whole lot anew in 1/72. So much more fun than 1/300.