Thursday, 7 April 2016

Doctor Who - The Starship Mary-Rose

The Doctor and Rose board the wrecked Starship Mary-Rose to find a datadump with the location of the Rice Pudding Graveyard. Expecting trouble, the Doctor is accompanied by a small group of World War II reenactors. He has taken the precaution of reactivating their weapons so that they work: in fact they work rather better than the originals!

And trouble is a-coming: a Dalek with pig slave.

The boards are from a new GW game and represent a wrecked ship's interior. So there are lots of vertical walls, corridors and rooms. It's not open space.

A burst from a Dalek Agent's sub-blaster past the Doctor's left ear is the first sign that he has been rumbled.

The real 'Big-Bad' is revealed. The Master is also wants unlimited rice pudding and has sacrificed some of his minions to get into the datadump room. A hail of shots from the reenactors takes out the agent and, astonishingly, a Dalek when a freak shot goes right down it's eye stalk.

'My vision is impaireeeed'

The blinded Dalek drives straight into a corridor wall at high speed and explodes: they do keep doing that.

The Doctor and Rose break into the datadump room but The Master is waiting. The Doctor downloads the data with his sonic screwdriver. Meanwhile The Master knocks Rose down and threatens her with his laser-screwdriver.

'The data or the mayfly gets it, Doctoooor."

A hail of blaster bursts from the surviving reenactors, who have taken out the last Dalek with a grenade down the hatch, knocks down the pig-slave and distracts The Master so that the Doctor can rush him, defeat him in hand-to-screwdriver combat, and rescue Rose.

While the Doctor tends Rose's injuries, The Master recovers and slips away. There will be other opportunities.

Another adventure for Rose and the Doctor ends in triumph.



  1. Very cool - looks like it was a fun game!

  2. Oh it was. Very simple little game but it went right to the wire with the Doctor and The Master meeting over levelled screwdrivers.

  3. Replies
    1. This is a playtest of the rules I am developing for the Official Doctor Who game from Warlord.

  4. There is certainly not enough DR Who Miniatures being played...hurry up Warlord Games!

    1. I am at full speed, Terry. The rules will be ready this year. Hang in there.

    2. Oh! Your writing the rules! Sweet. Looking forward to them. I will be playing in the Dr Who game at Cangames again this year, stay tuned for an after action report after the Victoria Day Weekend

    3. Looking forward to that report, Terry.

  5. Dear John,
    That _does_ look like it was a fun game
    What are the pink and blue disks on the final board?
    As always,

    1. These are markers connected with the mechanics of the game. They are transient effect indicators. ;-)

  6. Very cool figures and gaming, John.

    1. I was pleased with the way it played, Dean.

  7. Not only the figures look nice but the gameboard to! Really like it!