Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Arcworlde Undead Pirates of the Black Coast

These great Arcworlde models were a Xmas present from my long term opponent Shaun and I got Andy Singleton of Volley Fire Painting Services to do a 'standard wargame' job of painting them for me in exchange for a Sea Lion Invasion Barge.

I must say, I am deeply impressed with the results.

The eyes really make the models.

Mind you, I painted the bases and looking at these photos the edges need another coat!

Some swamp thingies: note the way Andy has used eye colour to link the beasts to the pirates.

And a swarm of rats. Wherever there are undead pirates there must always be a swarm of undead rats. It's traditional, like mummies and scorpions.

Shaun bought the models from Rochester Games, Models and Railways who carry the full Arcworlde range.

Arcworlde are roughly 1:48 in scale.


  1. Great looking figures, love these so cute swamp thingies...

    1. They aren't cheap but the quality is great.

  2. Very nice. I do like the look of a lot of the Arceworlde figures. Some of his others like the whale are just amazing.