Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Mighty Eighth: The Apostles of Contagion

Lord Necrosius and two Helbrutes

I made an Apostles of Contagion warband for my Siege of Vraks games.The Apostles are an anti-Typhus Death Guard-breakaway warband. Necrosius is a foul sorcerer famous for spreading the zombie plague.

I have resurected the Apostles for The Mighty Eighth and reformed them into a 100 power point warband.


Lord Necrosius' personal Honour Guard is a section of chosen chaos marines equipped with pistols and chain swords. They also serve as The Apostle's close combat specialists.

1st Company

Three sections of plague marines with a nominal strength of seven men per section, generously equipped with plasma weapons and melta guns.

2nd Company

Three sections of plague marines with a nominal strength of five men per section (only two shown). The second company is formed from plague marines that do not trace their heritage back to the Death Guard.

Ancient Plague Predator

Provides heavy anti-armour support as needed.

Plague Vindicator

Heavy support for cracking open fortifications.

Hopefully this lot will prove to be a balanced 100 power point army for 8th Edition games. If not, I always have my Nurgle daemon detachment and super-heavy cursed plague machines to turn to.


  1. Hideous army!! (in the good way, so... good job!!! :D )

  2. Looking vile!
    No plague zombies? Sorry poxwalkers!

    1. Still painting the pox walkers

    2. Just a thought, if you ran your 36 plague marines as 3 ten man squads and a 6 man squad it would be considerably cheaper in 'power'. You could squeeze those zombies in your 100 Power list easy

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  3. What a wonderfully vile army you have there! It looks like you had a lot of fun assembling and painting all that.

  4. Nice looking army. May have to get my version out again one day from the archives. :)