Thursday, 13 July 2017

Operation Gigant - Thunder Run Down The Great North road

Operation Gigant supplement for Bolt Action: Sea Lion is now on pre-order here.

The DEK is poised to Thunder Run down The Great North road to stab London in the back - but our gallant lads and lasses of the Home Guard and LDV are ready. Meanwhile O'Conner Force stands poised to counterattack.

The perfidious Hun even attack Nottingham, presumably because Himmler's astrologers warned him that it would become the centre of a major British military operation in the future. Find out more here.

Everything hinges on a new German weapon of fiendish cunning - the Gigant.

They even  steal British sheep and fly them back to the continent.

You too can sign up to defend our gallant land [hurrah]....or invade it [boo, hiss].

God Save The King!


  1. One can only imagine the American incredulity when we add sheep rustling to the list of indictments at Nuremberg...