Sunday, 27 August 2017

Kitbashed Typhus

A new Typhus model is on its way to replace the rather tired offering still in the GW range but - given that Lords of Contagion models are on offer on eBay for a few quid - I decided to make my own.

I cut off much of the LoC decoration to change the silhouette of the model and gave it a different stance, one with both feet on the floor. One main change is that the dangling intestines have been removed to make a ragged exit for plague flies.

I chopped up the manslayer and rearranged the bits to make it more scythe-like in appearance, adding the hand protector - Nurgle is all about Health & Safety, after all.

The destroyer hive is mainly made from Milliput, grooved, drilled and cut up while semi-dry to give a crumbly appearance.

The cloak is also cut back. This entailed filling in several uncovered gaps with paper impregnated with polystyrene cement.

A top view of the destroyer hive tubes.


  1. Nice work, John. Although I am not an expert of the genre, by any means, I know when I see a great paint job. Well done.

    1. Thanks Dean. It's a long way from triremes. B-)

  2. He seems to be working he has already infected the area around him or is that just camouflage?