Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Review: Artizan Designs - Grey Wolves U-Boat Crew

 Grey Wolves

Northstar Miniatures sell 28mm Artizan Designs metal models on their website. There is a 'Thrilling Tales' section of Pulp Fiction and generally Interesting Characters. They come either as single figures or in packs.

Two of those packs, available for £8.50 each are U-Boat crewmen, entitled 'Grey Wolves'. They include: a captain with binoculars, a petty officer with Schmeisser SMG, two crewmen with SMGs, and a Spandau team.

These are great figures, full of character. In size, they match Warlord Bolt Action minis pretty much exactly.

I envisage using them: as a defenders of Berlin '45 Naval section, a Sea Lion Patrol Scenario section, Very British Civil War, 7TV, and in pulp fiction skirmish games generally that are set in the interwar and WWII eras.

Highly recommended.

You can buy them here.


  1. Interestingly enough, I plan on using them as a run aground UBoat for Sealion and am doing a full 70+ crew along with 4.5ft sub for a Bolt action event in November... And those guys will feature heavily!

  2. I have these guys too, and have long been contemplating getting the Warlord boxed set so beef up this landing party - perfect for SEALION or even the Lost World! :-) Here are mine:


  3. These guys have been in my BA partisan force. Artizan has modeled a lot of great miniatures.