Thursday, 26 March 2020

Up The Revolushun

Santa's Little Helpers

Another bite out of my genormous model painting backlog.

I give you Red Gobbo and the crack Gitz Red Guard.

Red Gobbo

The fundamentals of 40K are a parody of British life in the 1970s and 80s filtered through the sense of humour of a certain young anthropology student called Rick Priestley.

I wonder how many modern GW staffers know who was the original Red Robbo? Clue: he was one of the clowns who brought down the British car industry.

Blowin Stuff Up


  1. Great work John, and a real blast from the past, there's lots of hidden meanings in lots of the old GW stuff like the Dark Angels chapter ! LOL

  2. Nice work John.Xmas already ah?

  3. For us unlearned colonials, can you please enlighten us on who these clowns were? :)

    1. Red Robbo was a Marxist union leader who led 90 or so strikes at British Leyland. He wasn’t solely responsible for the collapse of the British car industry but he certainly takes a share of the blame.