Saturday, 5 September 2009

FV101 Scorpion Light Tank by Tom Willoughby

This is the AFV Club Scorpion Recon Tank. It was built nearly out of the box with an added Chieftan stowage box from the parts bin. The crew are remodeled from the Tamiya Challenger 1. Tom replaced the mud flaps with thin plastic sheet. He notes that kit tracks are pretty poor but at the time no after market track was available.

These AFVs are very fast. I have passed them bowling along at 60mph or so on British roads. They served in the Falklands War because they were capable of crossing ground too boggy to cross on foot. They were usually equipped with 76mm cannon. Around 3,000 were manufactured by Alvis-Vickers and sold around the world.

Scimitars were withdrawn from the British Army in 1994 but the aluminium hulls were refurbished to use as the Sabre.

My thanks to Tom Willoughby for allowing me to show his work.


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