Thursday, 3 September 2009

Vraks Renegade Heavy Stubber Team

This is my most recent Vrak Renagade model. It is another piece that I used as a vehicle to try out layering.

The models and base are resin and superglued together (by Shaun). They were scrubbed in strong detergent solution with a toothbrush and Citadel black spray underboated. Citadel paints were mainly used.

The base was undercoated in Scorched Earth (burnt umbar). The dirt was drybrushed in Graveyard Earth (flat brown) and highlighted in a GE/Vomit Brown (rich yellow ochre) mix.

The rocks were layer painted by very dilute slowly built up in layers of GE/VB mix until final high lights in VB.

The men were white undercoated and given a strong wash of Howard Hughes British Battledress Khaki. They were then washed in Devlan Brown and layers of very dilute Khaki used to highlight.

The Respirator canisters are Catechan Green (olive) highlighted in Goblin Green (grass green)/CG mix dilute layers. The weapons are Tamiya German Grey highlighted in GC/White layers.

The layers consist of dilute paint. They are put on with very fine brushes such as Citadel's Fine Detail Brush. The layer mix is gradually lightened by mixing in more of the lighter colour.


  1. Well, I hope that the guy with the gun on his shoulder is wearing ear plugs!

    Overall i think the effect you have achieved is good. Its a nice and faded looking brown which I think complements the model well, and all the colours tie in well together.

    My only criticism would be the rock on the base, which to me looks less like a rock and more like a pile of mud (or something worse!) Perhaps it would benefit from a further, lighter highlight/drybrush just to increase the contrast?

    Other than that though excellent! A bunch of these guys on some themed terrain would be an impressive sight indeed I feel :)

  2. Hi John
    That was quick! looking good though.
    I know you said you were going to try to paint the rocks like the stratified ones you find in Cornwall but em I can see what "pacific" means perhaps the crew are a little worried?

  3. Hi Guys,
    The rocks look a lot better in real life than in the pics.

  4. So How many guys follow behind with the ammo? I imagine the playing board must look amazing with all these well modeled units.

  5. dear Tom

    Wargamers don't do logistics. They do tactics.

    You reall the old saying about soldiers and amateur generals :)

    Wargame displays are getting amazing. The artists have moved in.