Friday, 10 September 2010

Daemons, they're everywhere, I tell you.

For our regular game, Shaun and I tried a daemon bash. In all the years that I have played 40K, I have never played daemons against daemons. It was interesting, and different from normal games in that everything has an invulnerale save and is fearless. The carnage is spectacular. We both failed to get our chosen demi-force on the table and had to settle for the smaller. The objectives were the daemon statue, the ruined fort and the temple, and we agreed that all units were scoring.

I played an all-Slaaneshi force while Shaun had a Khorne army. I landed closer to the objectives and controlled two on the drop. Shaun got the third.

I siezed the Temple and Fort, with a strategy of holding by pre-emptive attacks. My experience of Slaaneshi daemons is that they are not good defensively so should be used offensively.

The Seekers charged and topped a Herald of Khorne but then got creamed. I charged my daemonettes off the Fort into the massed ranks of Khornites and my daemon prince charged the juggers and bloodletter. This proved to be optimistic as a strategy, even foolish.

My centre was wiped out and Shaun captured the Fort. I still held the Temple. On turn six I dropped my last reinforcement right on top of the Statue. Shaun, went second, moved into close combat but failed to dislodge me.

So at the end, I held the Temple, Shaun the Fort, and the Statue was contested - a very satisfying draw.


  1. Always tricky, taking on massed deamons of Khorne.

    Interesting use of the word 'tricky' there, eh ?

  2. Make love not war, sayeth Slaneesh