Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Pinko Commie SOBs

This T34 has been knocking around Kent for a while. It used to be on a garage forecourt down near Battle. I think its up in SE London now (still in Kent).

An earlier incarnation.


  1. It looks like your commie Pink Horrors have found some armored support. Thanks for sharing these photos, they made me smile.

  2. The Yellow Cab is pure comedy genius.

  3. No! Didn't get me, but, I wasn't expecting that!

    At Beltring a few years ago the arena announcer told us what these cost to run, and you have to be a very wealthy man to own one.

    You can pick up something like this for less than a second-hand family car, but a weekend on some farmland will cost you the same again in fuel, and you need a new set of tracks every so-many-thousand miles...

  4. Dear bs
    That's one way of beating the rush hour jams.

  5. Dear Maverick
    We have the War & Peace show every summer in the Kent County showground, with many running tanks. It is definitely not a hobby for the financially challenged, such as myself.

  6. Dear Louis - it is rather cute, as tanks go. J