Friday, 27 April 2012

Geheimkrieg: Abteilung 848

   The pic shows my Abt 848 special units created from alien technology found in the New Swabian Antarctic Expedition. They are the results of biomechanical experimentation.

   Failed experiments become zombies. There are lots of failures. The guys in black ceramic armour and the electrical guns are the Schreckentruppen. They are imbued with the 'blood' of the Fuhrer and so are barking mad but very aggressive. On the right is a werewolf and the leaders and characters are at the front.Some of those have also been imbued with der Fuhrer as you can see. One has a tendency to dance with an electrical lance and the other is sealed in a combat suit as he has a tiny shriveled body.

   The heavy walker on the right is a Jagdfuhrersturm equipped as a tank destroyer. The light one on the left is a Jagdzerstorer equipped for close assault.


  1. Very cool. Are those the Studio Miniatures in the back? They look great. I recognize the Bolt Action Vamphyr - what are the other character figures in the front? Any chance of some close ups?

  2. Dear MP

    They are mostly West Wind Secrets of the Third Reich miniatures with all sorts of odd figures from Copplestone etc.

    Click on the alternate WWII tab and you will find close ups.


  3. The wonderful the wacky and sinister all together - I love them!

  4. Dear paul
    I have a very soft spot for weird WWII.