Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Knole House

Took the afternoon off and went to Knole House, one of the finest houses in England. It was one of thiose English weather days. We had brilliant sunshine, torrential rain and hail, the weather changing every ten minutes or so. The above pic is of the outer courtyard. The house in its present form is 16thy century so has buildings around courts and light wells.

The orangery.

Knole Deer Park, above and below.


  1. Looks like a great day out at a grand house!

  2. Dear Paul,
    It is a fascinating house. The long gallery has portraits of all the players in the Elizabethan world: The Queen, Walsingham, Burleigh, Hatton, Sackville, Sweet Robin and so on. In among the long faces of the Anglo-Norman aristocracy is the round ruddy-faced saxon, Sir Francis Drake.
    On the few square metres of wall are the people who created the modern world.

  3. You took the afternoon off? Don'cha have a book due?