Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Battle of Alabaster

The Battle of Alabaster was released this month, an SF package in the Sedition Wars range from Studio McVey.

What strikes me about it is how it represents three recent trends in wargame products: (i) the enormous range of SF game systems on offer, (ii) the trend towards a packaged 'play straight out of the box' product, and (iii) the use of kick starter to promote (not fund) new products on a small scale.

The next two pics show the playing components, which suggest we are in Space Hulk, Project Pandora country.

The game will set youback about £70 plus postage if you mail order, which is not bad when you realise you get 50 Studio McVey models included.The models alone are worth the price even if the game is pants.

All in all, worth a look

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